Whether you’re running a large, global enterprise or a small startup, you need your technology systems to operate completely and effectively. Managed IT represents a shift in the way that businesses deal with technology. Gone are the days of the “Break-and-Fix” models of IT service. Businesses today require more efficient systems that maximize uptime and prevent potential issues before they have a chance to disrupt operations. While there are many different components of any Managed IT solution, the main aspects include preventative monitoring, data backup, remote network management, cloud computing capabilities, and ongoing technical support. A well-managed, proactively maintained network will always work better than the alternative.

Benefits of Managed IT:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce IT operating costs
  • Minimize network downtime and IT issues
  • Customize a flexible and scalable solution for your
  • Focus on running your business, not troubleshooting

The X-Tech Systems Difference

To be truly successful in the digital age, you need an IT partner who not only understands every aspect of IT networking, service, and support, but who also makes an effort to know YOUR business and how IT functions to support it. Our team of IT specialists and technicians treat every client like their only client—offering personalized and responsive IT assistance so your staff can focus on business growth, instead of IT issues.

At X-Tech Systems, we use cutting-edge tools to assess your existing IT environment to determine the best plan to better manage, monitor, and service your system—saving you time and money in the process. Our qualified team of IT experts will ensure you receive the tools and support to keep your business running smoothly at all times.

What’s Included with Managed IT?

• Cost-effective access to enterprise-level solutions and support
• All systems, software, networks, and devices
• Ongoing reporting and recommendations
• Proactive monitoring  
• Data and network security assurance  
• Backup / Recovery  
• Cloud computing  
• 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring, alerting, and support  


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"X-Tech’s ability to keep our fleet running for years beyond its expected life exceeded our expectations. X-Tech’s technical team understood how vital those machines were to our daily business of educating students, and the team made proactive efforts to anticipate potential service problems... We have a true partnership."

Brian T., Education

"X-Tech has had our copier contract since 2014. During this time, we have been very pleased with their responsiveness to requests from departments for quotes for new machines and for maintenance/service. They work with the departments to understand their needs and requirements."

-Bill H., Government

"As a printing business, it’s important for us to not only have the highest quality, but also responsive service t meet the job turnaround demands of our customers. We’re fortunate to have a local distributor and service with X-Tech Systems. We are in good hands with X-Tech, and would strongly recommend their services to anyone considering."

-Eric S., Printing Company

"I have worked with the folks at X-Tech Systems for over 20 years. I can say without any doubt that they are the most honest, knowledgeable, caring group of individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. In short, I can’t recommend X-Tech enough!"

-Kathleen V., Education

"A very service oriented company that is easy to do business with. I would strongly recommend that if you want excellent pricing, great service, and the friendliness of a locally owned company that you give C-Tech a try for all of your reproduction needs."

-Michael Y., Manufacturing

"We have been a satisfied customer of X-Tech for years. The Konica Minolta machines have been great and the service for all of our sites has been fantastic. They are very responsive and have done a great job getting us the latest technology at competitive pricing."

-Conrad T., Education